• Grade: 5, 6, 7
  • 3 hours

Wetlands (also known as bogs, swamps or ‘vleis’) may at first glance look like nothing more than muddy puddles of water. However, they are unique ecosystems that play a key role in improving water quality and in preventing flooding. They also support an abundance of wildlife. In this lesson we explore just how wetlands achieve all this. Through hands-on activities, the learners examine the diversity of plants and animals that live in a wetland ecosystem and the unique ways in which they depend on each other for survival. Lastly, we look at why wetlands are under threat and discuss what we can do to conserve them.

We use two wetlands:

  • Lower Silvermine, Clovelly (Gr 5 & 6)
  • Zandvlei, Muizenberg (Gr 7)

Curriculum Links:
Natural Sciences & Technology

Gr 5; 7
Life & Living

Gr 6
Matter & Materials 

Available in Terms 1, 2 & 4. Book early for World Wetlands Day in Feb.

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