Core Values

These core values highlight four elements of
excellence that the Centre strives for:

our core values

Excellence in our teaching programme

Excellence in our service

Excellence in our museum

Excellence by our professional staff

Excellence in our teaching programme will be achieved by:

  • Mastery of the CAPS curriculum and the role of Environmental Education (EE);
  • Integrating environmental education across all subjects in the GET and FET band;
  • A high degree of learner activity in each presentation;
  • Using co-operative learning to develop positive inter-dependence, individual
    accountability and face-to-face interaction;
  • Focusing on mastery of skills, concepts and attitudes/values;
  • Providing relevant resource material for our staff in the presentation of their lessons;
  • Doing assessment to determine whether meaningful learning has taken place;
  • Responding to the curricular needs of teachers;
  • Providing assessment opportunities for visiting teachers.

Excellence in our service will be achieved by:

  • Providing our services to all schools across the Western Cape;
  • Fast, efficient and friendly telephone manner;
  • Speedy reply to all enquiries, telephonic, electronic or written;
  • Using technology and social media to speed up bookings and communication;
  • Creating a welcoming atmosphere;
  • A spirit of tolerance and acceptance;
  • A willingness to share our knowledge, expertise and resources;
  • Creating a network of colleagues in the field of heritage, both cultural and natural.

Excellence in our Museum will be achieved by:

  • Maintaining the exterior and interior of the building in keeping with its historic charm;
  • Setting up displays that are attractive and of good quality;
  • Doing regular museological housekeeping to determine and repair damage;
  • Attending workshops, courses and conferences organised by the South African
    Museums association (SAMA);
  • Keeping up to date with international best practice in Museum Education;
  • Networking with school museums in other parts of the world to exchange ideas;
  • Subscribing to international museological standards as set out in the International
    Council for Museums (ICOM)’s Code of Ethics.

Excellence by our professional staff will be achieved by:

  • Mastery of the CAPS curriculum;
  • High standards of work ethos;
  • Encouraging punctuality, reliability and personal integrity;
  • Regular and focused Continuous Professional Teacher Development for staff;
  • Allowing staff to use their own initiative to make a meaningful contribution to the
  • Participating in EE forums and other networks;
  • A Staff Manual that lays out the mission, core values and expectations of the Centre;
  • Creating a happy, relaxed atmosphere where staff can feel comfortable.

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