• Grade: 4, 6
  • 3 hours

All over the world, children play similar games. This is a practical lesson where the learners play a variety of traditional local games. We begin with a look at the universal phenomenon of play and the seasonal nature of games. We mention the fact that games do not need money or fancy equipment. The Children’s Rights Charter is introduced and the importance of playing with friends, enjoyment, respect for rules, taking turns and co-operation are discussed (rights & responsibilities). The learners learn about the hiding and hunting games of early African societies, and play the striking game kennetjie. The learners can also make tractors from cotton reels; woer-woers from buttons; and clay oxen, depending on time. This lesson encourages children to play as an alternative to excessive time spent on devices and screen-time.

Curriculum Links:
Gr 4
Life Skills: Striking games
SS History: Local History

Gr 6
Life Skills: Indigenous games Gr 6
SS History: Children’s rights & responsibilities

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