• Grade: 4, 5, 6; 7
  • 3 hours

Water is life and life is water. We start the lesson with the impact of humans on water resources. We also examine where water comes from (not just the tap!) and how it is supplied by dams to a developing city like Cape Town. Water as a scarce resource is highlighted, as is the need to use it sustainably. Payment for water is mentioned. Water-saving devices are demonstrated. 

The lesson has lots of learner-centred activities, including measuring, and varies
according to the curriculum needs of the grade:

Gr 4: Water in SA: uses of water; water as a resource; how people get their water; pollution and waste water (SS Geography); dangers in and around water (Life Skills).

Gr 5: Where rivers begin and end; impact of dams (SS Geography); water as a basic need (Life Skills).

Gr 6: Water pollution; importance of wetlands; processes to purify water (Nat Sciences & Technology).

Gr 7: Environmental health (Life Orientation); river health; disappearing wetlands; responsible use of water resources (SS Geography).

Curriculum Links:
SS Geography
Natural Sciences & Technology
Life Skills/ Life Orientation

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