Displays and Exhibits


Displays and exhibitions are one of the 5 main functions of a Museum

The Education Museum has 6 exhibition spaces. These are mainly used for education purposes, but the public is also welcome, preferably in the afternoons when we don’t have school groups. Members of the public are guided through the Museum by staff from the Centre.

19th Century Classroom 1

Most of our museum lessons take place here. The classroom is furnished with genuine furniture and teaching equipment from the period.

19th Century Classroom 2

Similar to Classroom 1, this second classroom allows us to have two school groups at the same time.

Old Science Laboratory

A collection of the most amazing 19th century science teaching equipment. Look for the rare Tellurian Model.

Principal’s Office

A collection of 19th and early 20th century school office furniture and equipment.

Audio-visual Room

A display of early 20th century technology used in teaching: everything from Cape Town’s earliest overhead projector to a Magic Lantern.

The Passage

Look at our collection of old school bells, shields and architects’ drawings of schools.


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